Steel channels

Installation of a BG-FA facade channel in an area that touches the ground

BG-FA facade channels with one-sided perforation, laid in grit or fine concrete, carry rainwater down to the ground, where it leaches away. BG-FA facade channels with closed channel bodies are suitable for controlled rainwater drainage and can be connected to the surface draining system.

Slot channel for facades:

BG slot tops, which can be combined with our polymer concrete channel, are particularly suitable for drainage solutions when the appearance of the system plays an important role. Thanks to the narrow slot width of 18 mm, the top fits unobtrusively into the overall appearance of the drainage system. The BG slot top is therefore ideally suited for visually separating two surfaces and for insertion into joints in floor coverings. Also resilient up to class D 400 kN with corresponding installation.

Slot channels are perfectly suited for draining plaster and glass facades, terraces, balconies, gardens and doors, and prevent any damage being caused by waterlogging. A mesh cover stops any solid materials entering the channels and guarantees that the channel runs in a clean line. The cover can be easily removed so that the channel body can be cleaned. This channel is designed to be adjusted to the overall look of the building.

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